The CORE Recovery program offers a supportive services program designed to offer safe and affordable housing to individuals seeking to be free from the life of alcohol and drug addiction.

Quality transitional housing is provided for the client by CORE. Residential properties are owned by the organization and well maintained. Quality housing improves self-esteem as well as prepares the recovering individual to cooperate and participate in managing a healthy lifestyle.


CORE Men’s House


Men’s House – Cookout


CORE Women’s House


Women’s House – Friends



Residents are aware that:

  • There is a zero tolerance policy for use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Residents must work for GED if not a high school graduate
  • Residents must complete 12-Step requirements and be of service to newer residents.
  • Residents must be employed or actively seeking employment.
  • Transportation is provided for employment and medical appointments.


Participants have access to mental health counseling, and upon recommendation of the House Manager, emergency dental care.

Each residence has a house manager who follows the rules and guidelines of the Housing Director. The day to day operations of the household are the responsibility of the residents. Cooperation and communication are essential to the smooth operation of the residence.