Recovery Services


CORE supportive recovery services provide life instruction and safe housing to individuals in the program. Clients are required to resolve all legal issues that are pending and to actively seek employment. House managers are responsible for the implementation of the Peer House Rules which provide guidelines for living in single family housing and in living in a responsible manner.

Anyone found using drugs or alcohol will be immediately expelled from the program. Drug testing is mandatory and will be conducted randomly and as requested by management. Re-entry into the program after a relapse will not take place for a minimum of 30 days and is solely at the discretion of management.

CORE clients are housed in single family residential dwellings that are owned and maintained by CORE. CORE actively strives to be good neighbors and to be the best looking house on the block. Members of the opposite sex are not allowed on the premises and residents are required to maintain the inside of the residence. Residents are encouraged to be active in community activities.

CORE provides for GED instruction and any client without a high school diploma is required to attend these classes. Transportation will be provided for employment, class attendance and medical appointments. Anyone who drives without a valid license will be immediately expelled from the program.

Attendance at life instruction classes is required and the topics are varied. Topics may include but are not limited to: job skills training, GED classes, healthy lifestyle choices, personal finance, successful parenting and presentations by local law enforcement. Employment is mandatory and CORE provides assistance in how to interview and in how to find work in the local economy.

CORE’s first residential house was opened in 1998 and thousands of individuals have benefited from the services offered by CORE since that time. CORE’s proven program of recovery is available to anyone who will make the one year commitment to change their life.