May 2018 Newsletter

Rising Above The Fold

CORE has been helping people overcome addiction for 22 years now! We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and we strive to make sure that CORE offers the best possible programs and environment for our clients.

At CORE, we don’t just teach a class and send clients on their way; we also provide housing for them and give them an opportunity to experience community with others who are in similar situations as well.

“More of the magic, or the miracle if you will, takes place in their home environment than in this facility,” says our Executive Director Cary McKee.

Living in the home allows them to spend time with their peers, hold each other accountable, and communicate what they’ve learned with one another.

“I think that’s where the greatest growth comes from, soaking it in and allowing it to be watered,” said McKee.

All clients are required to abstain from any drugs or alcohol while they are in the CORE program. Unfortunately, those who do not follow this rule must be asked to leave.

“I have to be concerned with the safety and spirituality of the remaining clients,” said McKee.

This is one of the hardest parts of our job, and we hate seeing when clients don’t fully embrace the recovery program.

“It only works if the person is ready for it,” says McKee.

Clients pay on a weekly basis, which is where most of the funding for CORE comes from. It’s important for clients to be giving back and contributing to payments.

“Free rides don’t benefit anyone, “ said McKee.

CORE is also extremely lucky to have a wide group of supporters who donate to our cause. These donations are a key part to us being able to continue to grow and expand our services, especially since as of April 1st, CORE is no longer dependent on any government funding. Since the grant CORE had previously been receiving cannot be given to an establishment that teaches the gospel of Christ, we have chosen to forgo this grant.

“Should we ever jeopardize our values for the sake of a dollar, this organization would likely not exist,” said McKee.

The Christian foundation and values taught at CORE are part of what sets us apart from other secular recovery programs.

“The only solution we teach is God,” says McKee.

In the future, CORE hopes to continue expanding our program to other communities in nearby states. The goal is to eventually offer an intensive 30 day treatment program to the community, and to continue improving our program to address the specific needs of our clients.

“Perfecting anything that is mental and spiritual is impossible,” says McKee, but we hope to constantly be asking how can we improve and how can we glorify God?

Come Out to the 12th Annual CORE Live & Silent Auctions!

This event is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and a great way for you to show your support of the CORE programs!

All of the proceeds will be used to help restore families and individuals who are looking for a way out of their addictive lifestyles.

Some of the available auction items will include antiques, furniture, artwork, memberships, gift certificates and more!

We’ll even cook dinner, so be sure to come hungry! This year’s menu includes Roasted Pig on a Spit, Oven Roasted Chicken, Corn, Slaw & Potato Salad, all at a reasonable price!

The auction will be held on May 17th at the Core Complex
Located at 280 State Highway T in Branson, Missouri

For more information call Tami at 417.231.6969