“I’m At CORE! Now What?”

“I’m At CORE! Now What?”

New clients are warmly welcomed at CORE.  This is a special place!  But like all new places, it takes time finding one’s bearings.  To help ease the transition, we gathered the inside scoop from CORE leaders who’ve successfully completed our one-year program.  We asked them questions that a newcomer might wonder upon arrival, to wit: “What’s the first thing I need to know?” and “What’s the most important thing to remember?” The responses, set forth below, cover things that every newcomer will want to know in order to get involved and succeed:

“At first things may seem big and imposing, as if you’ve been dropped off at a small campus.  So you’ll have this or that class to be at, or you’ve got a van to catch at this particular time.  The feeling lasts for about two weeks until you settle in. Things will calm down after that, so give yourself that time to get into your groove.  Also, stick with the winners.  You’re here for a reason.  Surround yourself with those people who are solid in their recovery, who are doing the deal and happy to do it, and you’ll succeed.”

– Cary McKee, Chief Executive Officer

“First and foremost, be at class, pay attention, and get with someone to work the Steps.  That’s where recovery happens.  If you won’t work the Steps, there’s no point of even being here.”

– Kevin Hunt, Program Manager

“This is a hand-up program, not a hand-out.  It requires work on your part.  It requires book work.  It requires you wanting a different outcome in your life.  That’s not done by somebody giving you something, but by you taking it and doing it.”

– Gary Osborn, Operations Manager

“Get with someone who is doing the deal — working the steps — and find out how you can work them too, because this program will change your life.”

– Tami McKinney, Human Resources

“Be honest, open-minded, and willing. Honest to everyone including yourself, and mostly yourself. Open-minded to receive instruction from the Big Book and the people who live it.  And willingness to do anything in the world to change your life.”

– Janet Weaver, Financial Manager

“Remember the day before yesterday, all of the reasons why you came here in the first place — always.”

– Bracy Sams, Site Manager, Springfield

“Work your Steps. We’ll hound you all the time about it, but freedom is on the other side of that. Practice living in the solution while you’re still in a safe environment.”

– Kim Stewart, Women’s Coordinator

“Stay humble and remember where you’ve come from.  Don’t lose sight of why you’re here.”

– Brandi Blom, ReStore Manager

“In running your own life, you didn’t do the best job. Turn the reigns over to someone who knows better: God.”

– Neil Finley, Transportation Manager

“Work the 12 Steps. Whatever else happens, work the Steps.”

– Marty Neal, Men’s Admissions Coordinator

“Keep God No. 1.  And lean on your wise counsel — your house manager, the girls who are working the program — and follow them.  Let them lead, guide, and direct you through the program.”

– Jen Brinkmann, Women’s Admissions Coordinator

“Your showing up and making it through these doors is an answered prayer. Stay humble, be grateful, give each day your best, and let God do the rest.”

– Matt Goehrig, Operations Assistant

“Remember why you’re here, your purpose for coming through the door.  Don’t ever forget it.”  

— Adam Guss, Transportation Manager

“Find God and do your steps. Without God, the steps are just steps. Go by the rules, too, and don’t cut corners, because it’s only a year.”

– Kelly Creson, Maintenance Manager